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Saturday, 7 March 2009

New Smeg Fires

Smeg have released a new range of flueless gas fires. They're in a 50s retros style and are designed to match with other Smeg kitchen appliances so as you would expect they came in a range of strikingly bright colours.

The fires don't need a chimney stack of any description- they just hang on the wall! I thought they were pretty cool anyway.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

New Addition to the Smeg Opera Range

Smeg has added a new range cooker to its Smeg Opera range of appliances. This cooker, as we have come to expect from Smeg, is a gorgeous colour- red wine and has a six- burner gas hob. The range cooker has an optional matching red wine cooker hood and a stainless steel splash back.

Other new additons to the Opera range are the Gloss Black cookers and a pyrolytic cooker. I particularly like this colour- it's really warming and quite festive in contrast to the bright statements that SMeg ususally make with their appliances, this colour is still vibrant, but subdued and sophisticated.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Smeg Appliances - a Famous Italian Brand

Smeg is a brand we have come to accept in the UK over the last 3 decades, but its history goes back much further than that. In fact Smeg is one of the oldest brands available on the market today, and stays true to its Italian roots.
The reason most of us know Smeg is because of its long standing range of multi-coloured American 50’s style fridge freezers. Smeg fridges have accounted for the majority of sales for them over the last 30 years around Europe and beyond.
In 1948, Vittoria Bertazzoni founded Smeg. The company was then, and still is now based near the town of Guastalla, in the Reggio Emilia region of Italy. The letters of the word Smeg stand for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla metal enamelling factory in Guastalla, Reggio Emilia, and from conception the Smeg fridges became an instant hit. The design was even considered fashionable in Italy, which is obviously renowned for style and design flair.
Smeg is still under the control of the Bertazzoni family, and the company is currently run by Roberto Bertazzoni. Their trademark, "Tecnologia che arreda" translates as "Technology with Style" which is used as the header for their mission statement across the World. In fact, the brand travels very well and available in over 30 countries from France, Spain, the US and Australia.
The basic yet modern design of Smeg products give them a longevity not seen in other kitchen appliances from traditional brands. The classic and stylish looks have meant that they stay around much longer, and the fridge freezers are testament to this.
All Smeg products have many years of research behind them. The 15 year lifespan expected for the appliances comes through the in-house development, which is extensive considering the size of the company.
Smeg have recently launched a new range of flueless gas fires. Continuing the design ethos from the 50’s style refrigeration, these products are an extension to the Smeg range of designer appliances. They combine good looks with some very beneficial feature; no recess, chimney or flue required. Smeg’s flueless fires are designed to simply hang on any wall so the need for a chimney or hearth is no more. Flueless fires convert 100% of gas to heat reducing fuel costs, which contributes to a greener and friendly environment by utilising the latest in catalytic technology.Other products in the Smeg line up include the Opera selection of range cookers and hobs, the ‘classic’ ovens and hobs and the Piano fridges, hobs and ovens. The Piano range are the top end of kitchen appliances and this is reflected in the price, but they are amongst the most stylish and beautiful appliances available today.All Smeg models have a 2 years parts and labour guarantee, and there are currently (and more often than not) promotions running for a free 5 year warrant. This is usually on selected higher priced models, such as the new Smeg A4-6 120cm range cooker. It has a fish-burner on the hob which converts to a hot plate, and has twin 60cm ovens and 6 other gas burners.

Friday, 11 July 2008


Having sold Smeg appliances for over 10 years I have a pretty good knowledge of the brand. Smeg have a traditional Italian flair in all their products, except of course for the American style 50's refrigeration, and I love the models they produce.

I have a Smeg wine cooler and am going to begin this blog to leave comments on Smeg, and hope that you will contact me if you have any thoughts or experiences you would like to share.